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19 Oct 2015:
Centre for Corporate Public Affairs to probe corporate community investment in national research on ‘giving’
Written By: Wayne Burns I am excited to let you know that the most detailed contemporary research into business ‘giving’ in Australia – including corporate community investment – will be conducted by the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs as part of the Giving Australia 2015 report, commissioned by the Federal Government.

The contract to research and publish Giving Australia 2015 has been awarded to a consortia comprising the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Studies, and Swinburne University.

This national stocktake and assessment of trends and developments in giving in Australia is being overseen by the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership.

Our research at the Centre will focus on corporate giving, manifested in corporate community investment, including community partnerships, corporate volunteering, workplace giving and philanthropic foundations, as well as giving in the small and medium enterprise sector.

QUT and Swinburne will focus on individual philanthropy and volunteering, as well as giving by personal and family foundations.

Business research to be conducted by our team at the Centre will include qualitative interviews with business leaders – including the CEOs and board members of large corporations – interviews with corporate community investment and corporate responsibility managers, and interviews with some industry association heads and directors of corporate foundations.

Corporations will be approached this month to brief them on the research, and to secure interviews with business executives.

The corporate component of the research includes also a quantitative survey of 200 large companies operating in Australia, which will be administered early next year.

The business component of the Giving Australia research will also include focus group discussions with SME owners, as well as a quantitative survey of 500 SMEs.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the research, and may call on you to be part of our research sample.

I am delighted the Centre has been entrusted to capture and better understand why and how business is investing in the communities in which they operate, and to sharing emerging and established good and best practice in business giving with the community.

Please do not hesitate to contact Wayne Burns (, tel: +61 2 8272 5106) to discuss this research.

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