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Corporate Public Affairs Leadership in the 21st Century:

Date     9 May 2021 to 12 May 2021
Location     Melbourne
Price     AUD $7,300.00
Discounted Member Price   AUD $6,200.00

Event Details:

The Centre’s Corporate Public Affairs Leadership in the 21st Century executive education program is the next step for graduates of the Centre’s Institute program, and/or for public affairs practitioners who aspire to be leaders in the function.

This four-day intensive program has been developed to challenge and prepare practitioners in the leadership management stream in corporate public affairs. The program challenges the commonly held notions of authority versus leadership, prepares participants to lead difficult change, strengthens their diagnostic skills, and distils the challenges of leadership under pressure, including engagement with stakeholders who resist change or whom may seek to derail it.

Completing this intensive corporate public affairs leadership program is a natural progression for practitioners who may have completed the Centre's Institute.

Program content will include:
• being able to identify authority and leadership;
• differentiating between technical and adaptive issues and change to determine what approaches are most appropriate to solve them;
• how to most effectively diagnose issues and change;
• identifying and overcoming barriers and immunity to change;
• dignity and leadership;
• managing ambition and aspirations;
• managing the ‘hungers’ that can distract leaders; and
• ‘staying alive’ in the midst of significant change.

Numerous public affairs case studies and significant syndicate group activity are part of the curriculum also.

The program requires participants to immerse themselves in the residential program, and for them to be present and available over the four-day program. Learning is driven from engagement. Participants who cannot participate fully in the four-day program will not be eligible for graduation.

Corporate Public Affairs Leadership in the 21st Century will strengthen markedly the leadership capability and capacity of graduates, and be of significant benefit to the organisations for which they work. The program offers participants and the organisations that sponsor them with global best executive education content, expertise, and experience in leadership broadly, and in the corporate public affairs function specifically.

The program will be led by the Centre's Executive Director Wayne Burns who will share also learnings from his involvement in the Harvard University Kennedy School’s executive leadership program, with contributions from Guest Faculty who have extensive experience and insights for program participants.

Places are limited to maximise opportunities for dialogue and interaction with Faculty, Guest Faculty, and peers.

Graduates of Corporate Public Affairs Leadership in the 21st Century are awarded 30 credit points towards a GCCPA (Graduate Centre for Corporate Public Affairs).

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