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Trends and developments in best practice advocacy campaigns:

Date     19 Nov 2020
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There has been a renaissance in corporations using public advocacy campaigns to deliver public affairs and broader business outcomes. But what works? And what is it about corporate advocacy campaigns that make them so tricky, and even risky?

What is best practice in identifying, preparing, and enabling advocates for your organisation to get involved to influence the issues, public policy, transformational change, and discourse that is important to your entity and its strategy? This Centre executive education module, which earns 5 points towards Centre GCCPA status (Graduate of the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs), will provide the answers.

The module examines why and when public advocacy campaigns are appropriate (objective and strategy), as well as the approaches, tools and implementation (tactics and actions) of good practice campaigns managed by large organisations and industry groups. As well, it examines internal advocacy to engage employees .

The module (delivered every two years only) will be delivered by Centre Faculty and some of Australia's leading public advocacy campaign strategists and professionals, and will feature case studies from Australia and internationally.

It will focus on:

- Objectives: why and when public advocacy campaigns are appropriate, necessary or advantageous
- Strategy and tactics: approaches, tools and implementation of good practice campaigns managed by large organisations
- What corporations can learn from NGOs about effective public advocacy campaigns
- Why research is at the heart of all good corporate public advocacy campaigns
- Why leading corporations and organisations are shifting considerable management time and resources to identify and empower advocates for their strategy and issues
- Outside in and Inside out: engaging and arming employees as organisational advocates; and engaging and arming external stakeholders as advocates.

This is a full-day accredited Centre for Corporate Public Affairs module, which upon completion earns the practitioner five professional development credit points, and certification that the module has been completed.


ACT/NSW/VIC 10.00AM – 4.45PM; QLD 9.00AM – 3.45PM; SA 9.30AM – 4.15PM; WA 7.00AM – 1.45PM
NZ 12.00PM – 6.45PM; SING/HK 7.00AM – 1.45PM

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