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Nissan’s Crisis Goes Much Deeper Than Carlos Ghosn ND
Noriko Hayashi, The New York Times, Tuesday 8th October 2019

An external law firm investigating Nissan over its former chairman Carlos Ghosn’s compensation has now found Hari Nada - the insider behind the chairman’s departure - had improperly overpaid himself. It was found Mr. Nada received about $280,000 in “unjust enrichment” during 2017. A senior Nissan compliance officer planned to share the findings with the company’s board of directors, but no information was ever shared. In the weeks after the findings, Nissan sidelined two in-house counsels after they warned the company Mr. Nada was still influencing inquiries into the company’s problems. The findings now raise questions about the credibility of witnesses against Mr. Ghosn, who has been charged of trying to conceal his pay level from regulators in Japan. The future of the Japanese manufacturer remains uncertain, with some members of its own board being left in the dark.

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