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UK aviation industry vows new zero carbon by 2050 ND
BBC News, Tuesday February 4, 2020

The United Kingdom’s aviation industry is pledging to reduce its net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. According to the industry group Sustainable Aviation, it said it will do this with cleaner engines, new fuels and planting trees. Under the plan, airlines can cut down pollution even as passenger numbers grow by an expected 70 per cent over the next 30 years. Sustainable Aviation says it can reduce its emissions of CO2 without restricting growth. British Airways, which is a member of the industry group, is investing in a project to make fuel from rubbish. “Biofuels will give us a greener alternative and we are attracted by that,” said Alex Cruz, chief executive of British Airways. But campaigners say the only way to cut airline pollution is by reducing air travel all together and cancelling the construction of new airports. “We need to restrict flying,” said Muna Suleiman, from Friends of the Earth.

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